Safety is a priority when boating and one safety move everyone should know how to perform is an emergency stop. Emegency stops are vital in boating to stop the progress of your boat. To perform an emergency stop: 1) Look behind to ensure no-one is directly behind you. 2) Yell out ‘Emegency Stop – Brace’ so eveybody onboad can grab hold of something. 3) Move the throttle into the neutral position. The throttle must be kept in neutral for around half to one second. If you go straight into reverse you will damage your motor and the blade of the propellor will not dig in and stop the boat. 4) After this second in neutral, engage reverse and give enough throttle to stop the boat. The emergency stop is complete. Another way of performing an emergency stop is to simply put the boat in neutral and turn sharply to one side. This will quickly reduce any momentum the boat has and bring you to a sudden stop. Practice your emegency stops so in an emergency you will be able to perform one. Remembcer to keep the gap between the forward and reverse motion to avoid motor damage and to ensure the boat stops as quickly as possible.

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