Fitting Your Boat In Your Garage

Fitting Your Boat In Your Garage

If possible, it is a good idea to store your small boat in your garage. The problem is unless you have a dinghy your boat will probably not fit in. Below are some tips that may help you get your boat in your garage a little easier.

If height is a problem try moving the jockey wheel closer to the boat. This will help lower the trailer by around 4 inches (10cm).

Make sure you choose a canopy that can be folded down (or removed completely) to help with your storage.

Consider lowering the trailer of the jockey wheel and on to the trailer frame. If you have a heavy boat however this may cause some problems.

In severe cases you can decrease the pressure of the boat tyres. You will need to reinflate however before every voyage and this will only make a very slight difference in the height of the boat.

If length is a problem try removing part of the rear wall of the garage. Insert a sliding gate so you can stick the back of the boat out through the garage. This gate will let you secure the garage again if the boat is no longer in the garage.

These tips should help you fit your boat in your garage. The main point of all is to measure up your boat before you purchase it to determine whether it will fit where you want to put it. The garage is always ideal as it will be away from any elements and will require no cleaning or covers. Happy Boating!


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