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To investigate A/C efficiency, you’ll need to become familiar with the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, a rating system developed by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. The SEER rating of any air conditioner expresses its output over a cooling season compared to the amount of electricity required.

The government has set minimum standards for A/C efficiency, and since 2006, all air conditioners have had to be rated at least SEER 13. If you’re upgrading an old, inefficient system, and you have a SEER 8 model, you’ll gain considerable savings just by choosing a SEER 13 unit.

High-efficiency systems, however, begin at SEER 16, which could double your energy savings potential. These systems can achieve higher ratings because they use:

Improved coil design to maximize refrigerant use
Thermal expansion valves, which precisely meter just enough refrigerant on a minute-by-minute basis
Two-stage cooling, using compressors that run at two speeds (low speed for milder temperatures and high speed for extreme temperatures)
Variable-speed air handlers, which deliver Charlotte air Conditioning at multiple speeds. With this feature, your A/C will be able to better dehumidify the air and produce consistently even home temperatures.

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