EVGA Graphics Card 512-A8-N403-LR

A device that lets your PC take data from its Central Processing Unit (CPU) and then converts this data into pictures is called a Graphics card. Basically it is because of a graphics card that you can see images on your PC screen. The computer graphics card, known also as a video card, acts as a translator — translating the data held in the CPU and received by the graphics card in the binary format, into images on your screen. So what you see on your screen while playing a game or watching a video, are all because of a graphic card. And the quality of these outputs depends on largely on the quality of the video card that you have. When choosing the best graphics card for your PC, buy the one that has the maximum memory space. Though you can upgrade to a higher memory option card later, it is not advisable to do so. Also look for a card that offers a higher pixel resolution. Higher the pixel resolution better is your video output. And it’s not that a more expensive card will be the best one – so look for a card that is compatible with your PC and has the above features as well.


Though there are many players in the field of graphic cards – one of the best graphics card available in the market today is the EVGA Graphics Card 512-A8-N403-LR GeForce 6200 LE 512MB DDR2 AGP . The key features of this graphic card include a 512 MB of DDR2 memory, 532 MHz clock with 1034MHz effective memory rate, AGP8X; 6200 LE with 300MHz clock and open GL 2.0 & Microsoft Direct X 9.0 support. The shader model 3.0 allows for spectacular special effects. All of the above features allow this graphic card to give you a world class viewing experience. Since this card also comes with an Integrated NVIDIA TV encoder, you can view satellite Television in high picture quality on your PC. This product has a one year warranty with the second year free. To avail this second year free warranty, you must register the product on the EVGA web site (www.evga.com) within 30 days of purchasing.

The above features certainly make the EVGA 512-A8-N403-LR GeForce 6200 LE 512MB DDR2 AGP one of the best graphics card in its domain. It is also very light weight (weighs only 12 ounces or only about 340 grams) and is 4.3 x 3 x 0.7 inches in measurement. You can also upgrade graphics cards already installed on your computer and go for this product. It is very easy to install this EVGA graphic card – you simply must follow the instructions that are available online or also on the product pack. Always remember to check your computer’s compatibility before you upgrade graphics card and also to check the performance of the new card once you have installed it. A change to this graphics card can improve your computer’s video ranking and also make it a decent machine to play games on.

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